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The 2023 Vegreville Community Directory now available as a digital flipbook!

Supporting local businesses and professional services through the print and online Vegreville Business Directory — featuring over 200 businesses and over 2000 residential phone listings including the communities of Vegreville, Mundare, Hairy Hill, Innisfree, Lavoy, Ranfurly, Two Hills and Willingdon.


Vegreville Housing Rentals

“Love this being online – not sure how long it has been but I just found it, very helpful!”, Vegreville Resident

“Love that book!”, Alberta Works Employee

“Very user friendly!” from numerous users of the publication.

I’ve been following Vegreville Directory for 3 years now and you’re phenomenal! The Facebook page , the website is amazing! We need this in our community!” Smoky Lake Town Councillor

“We need these directories for the new Ukraine Families that are now living in our community!”, Vegreville & Area Stands with Ukraine

I was super happy with last year’s Ad! Excellent work! It was very handy to tell people “I have an ad in the front of the phone book” when I didn’t have a card handy, and it added a lot of credibility to my business. Kind of like…”if he’s in the phone book he must be legit”. Jon Robinson, Vegreville